August 26, 2007

Pooja n not Poot….!

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Dya on the left and Poot on the right 😉

hmmm the 11 of august……sorry guys for being late on that day….n u issaie naughty boy to fer cuma dir to pa truve moi… anyway ena de quoi j’avais trente minutes de retard….but Dya ine casse le record: 45 mins retart if i am not mistaken…anyway wat count that we finally met…pheeeeeeeeew at first i could feel something wierd that i can’t explain i thought that things won’t be the same as it was four years ago…….on top of that there was a silent of 0ne to two mins….but thank god gradually things were back to normal…..we started to tease each other as we used to do.we did as if we were still at school ..n we did not care abt others …….one thing is for sure that our friendship is still the same although we have not seen each other since long….comme Cherry l’a dit :meme apres plusieurs années de distance, l’amitié prime toujours…btw gary i thought zat u guys were GAY coz u were n are always together……nah i am jokinggggggg ok don’t b angry okkkkkk…….but one thing is for sure u r both lucky to have each other ….
now as far as it concerns if whether we r still the same or not?…it’s obvious we have changed in some ways or another cause ppl do change in one day that’s my belief..n it’s very trueeeeeeeeee..i mean our personality…..Issaie has “beautifully” described our personality ….but don’t u fink Issaie u have been too dramatical while describing as me as “Rector” something something… don’t exaggerate my dr…
i know i got a serious look….but still …anyway …freedom of expression..i accept the way u view me my friend…one more thing.. i do agree that i have changed a lot…am good to those who are good to me and am bad to those who are bad to me…n most important i have learnt from my errors….but where as my friendship is concerned to u guysssss,it’s the same meme ki nu pa mit tou les jours…u were, are n will be my best pals…Issaie is still the same but he has gained some maturity ..n that could be seen in his way of expressing himself..keep it up…Gary….a bit emotional…coz among us he is the one who has not accepted the fact that we got parted….don’t worry Gary it will come…As for Dya….No change….
well guys i don’t regret these memorable moments we shared together….my best year is 1999 -form 4….
i cherised each moment of it….the thing which i regret the most ki nu pa pu cave retourne in the past …coz past is past…..anyway that’s life………i fink i nid to stop here cause p vine trop long…
Last but not the least i love and miss u all….tk care
my best wishes are always with u guyssssss…….


Please bear with me si ena faute me pa pu relire trop beaucoup ine ecrire et puis the language too a mixture of english,french n creole that’s my style…hope u don’t mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pooja 😛


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